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#219857 - 19/04/2001 15:55 Audio Manager Software Bug
new poster

Registered: 19/04/2001
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I have a Dell Audio Receiver, and am using the Dell Audio Receiver Manager Software. Well, I have found a few problems with the software.
1) If I put 1000+ files in a playlist the software will no longer serve the playlist to the Dell Audio Receiver
2) If I put around 2000 files in a playlist, it will cause the software to crash upon indexing the playlists.

Does anyone know of the problem or how to fix this?? Is this software GPL'd so I can get it and fix it myself.. Any help would be great!!


#219858 - 19/04/2001 16:10 Re: Audio Manager Software Bug [Re: waltercr]
carpal tunnel

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also posted to General

1) Looks like it times out while waiting for the contents of the playlist.
2) Crashes the Receiver, or the server?

We're aware of some limitations with the Audio Receiver Manager software. We've been working on resolving them, but we don't have a definite date for releasing the updated software.

And, no, the software isn't GPL'd, so you can't fix it yourself. You could try one of the alternate free servers, though. They're mentioned somewhere else on this board.

-- roger