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#220937 - 24/03/2002 15:33 Re: 802.11b built in [Re: gregggreg]

Registered: 14/03/2002
Posts: 9
OK, got it working. The ME 102 is the new access point in the house; no more Ad-hoc mode. I had some really weird bandwidth/connection problems when I first set it up, but then changed the Preamble setting in the ME102 to Long Preamble and then everything was smooth after that. I guess my Orinoco cards don't deal well with Short Preamble.

#220938 - 11/07/2003 16:30 Re: 802.11b built in [Re: gregggreg]

Registered: 11/07/2003
Posts: 5
Hi. I'm using the NG ME102 as a WAP at the Server end and an ME101 which is a purpose built ethernet/802.11b bridge at the Rio end (60 online in UK), works just fine and the ME101 is quite small compared to the 102 (80 online in the UK)

#220939 - 08/10/2003 15:32 Re: 802.11b built in [Re: stevegardyne]

Registered: 25/09/2003
Posts: 6
I got one of these: it's a great unit, small, and cheap. It does everything, ad hoc, bridge, access point, etc.

They are currently out of stock, but they can be found elsewhere such as Ebay.

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