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#57254 - 09/01/2002 22:23 Color VFD?

Registered: 01/01/2002
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Anyone every thought about changing the display on the Empeg to a multi-color VFD? Would it be that hard to implement. I really don't see how it would be. Maybe just require a little bit of recoding. But it would definitely make for a more interesting display.

#57255 - 09/01/2002 23:07 Re: Color VFD? [Re: AlphaWolf]
carpal tunnel

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Unfortunately, the thing that actually writes stuff to the display is the player software, which is the one portion of the empeg that we have no insight into, other than making suggestions to the team. I doubt that they would go out of their way to implement colors because a few of us decided it would be cool, as it would probably be less trivial than you seem to imply. Plus, it would require a geometric increase in the amount of memory needed in the machine to be able to deal with any number of colors that would make it interesting. And any kernel hack to make the current displays color still has the problem that there are only four colors that exist in the displays, and one of those is black. So unless you buy color VFDs that fit and send them over to Cambridge, I think you're out of luck.
Bitt Faulk

#57256 - 12/01/2002 09:33 Re: Color VFD? [Re: wfaulk]
carpal tunnel

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There aren't any colour VFDs. Well, there are but they are generally VFDs with areas of different colour, as opposed to full colour.

Also, it's very unlikely you'd find anything but the current display which actually has the same pinout and signals - sorry.