Upgrade - PATA to SATA - Mostly successful

Posted by: johnjore

Upgrade - PATA to SATA - Mostly successful - 02/10/2020 01:42

For anyone who cares, I recently upgraded my MK2 11GB PATA disk to a 250GB SATA using this adapter: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313121918125?ViewItem=&item=313121918125

There is insufficient space for the disk to be attached normally so I rotated it 90' and drilled new mounting holes. I also added a couple of washers to lift the front to make it easy to add/remove the adapter so disk can be USB mounted when / if required. (Longer screws required)

I had the disk from an old laptop so a $6 gamble/investment made more sense than buying something with a PATA interface of some sort.

The image installed and loaded without issue and while emplode showed the new disk size, 250GB, the disk itself was formatted in a way that only allowed about 3 or 4GB to be stored. From memory, it might have run out of inodes.

By USB mounting the disk, I deleted and re-created the partition and ran the tuning commands, and then transferred the old music files back, along with the database and other configuration settings and the "special" partition.

I then added about 100GB using emplode/jemplode with no issues.

Suspect any future fsck will not be successful on this volume, not enough RAM.

Not used the car a lot, but its been 2 months and no issues (so far)

Posted by: elperepat

Re: Upgrade - PATA to SATA - Mostly successful - 02/10/2020 14:30


I'll try this. I ordered some, which seem to be identical, from aliexpress.


I'll post here if I can make them work.

Posted by: mlord

Re: Upgrade - PATA to SATA - Mostly successful - 02/10/2020 16:59

Those adapters are very much hit and miss, possibly dependent upon exactly which chip revision is hiding under the white sticker, and which firmware version is included in the chip.

Congratulations on getting one that works!