Hmm, I've only had 2 replies to my posts, but some of what I'm seeing from other posts makes me think that Rio should do a survey of its Rio Receiver users and how they use it. (At least those on the BBS or something). I suspect there might be some misses in their thinking to my actual uses. (Of course I might not be normal either ;-).

Questions might include:

Which room is your Rio Receiver in?

How do you use it?

Do you run it from an amplifier?

Describe what its hooked to (speakers, amp, etc.)?

Where's the server?

Is there server "always on"?

If so, is that because of Rio Receiver or another reason as well?

Is the server your main computer or a dedicated server? (Do you check e-mail and use word on it, or do you have a different computer for that?)

What OS is it being served from?

Do you use the HPNA or Ethernet 10/100?

Would you have preferred a different network connection?

Did you have a network in place before the Rio Receiver?

How many tracks do you have?

What format/bitrate are most of your tracks?

What do you use to create your tracks?

How do you organize your tracks?

What do you use to organize your tracks? (ID3 tags, playlists, etc.)

Are you picky about them? (I don't know how to ask this, but I try to make sure the artists, titles, etc. are correct. I know other people who don't bother editing whatever CDDB gave them, right or wrong.)

How do you normally select / play the tracks on your RIO? (Pick a song? Pick a Genre? Pick a Playlist?, Repeat, Continue?etc.)

How do you WISH you could play the tracks on your RIO?

Do you play your collection of tracks through other devices? (Computer at home, computer at work, etc.)

If so, which one(s)?

How do you select / play the tracks from other software/devices? (Like if you play them from your computer)

Do you have other related devices? (Portable MP3 players, Replay TVs, RioCars, etc.)

Are computers/electronics/audio equipment a profession or hobby?

- Shawn