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#219859 - 19/04/2001 20:04 Another Audio Receiver Bug
new poster

Registered: 19/04/2001
Posts: 6
Ok.. I just found another problem with the Audio Manager Software..

I added 660 files my mp3 dir. Bringing my total up to 10,660. Well, now my playlists that used to work no longer.. To add to this, if I try to play by an artist, it will crash the software on the server. AHHH!!!

Also, is there a way to just tell the receiver to play ALL songs indexed??


#219860 - 20/04/2001 02:34 Re: Another Audio Receiver Bug [Re: waltercr]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 18/01/2000
Posts: 5636
Loc: London, UK
Turn on tracing by running armgr.exe /log:some_file, and then email me some_file. Also, if you can get the exact numbers when the server crashes, send those along.


-- roger

#219861 - 02/03/2004 13:49 Re: Another Audio Receiver Bug [Re: Roger]

Registered: 06/02/2002
Posts: 149
Loc: SF
the crash is random. not sure how to run a log, should I just run armgr.exe by itself or do i need to modify code within the rio stuff?? not exactly a programmer so any help would be appreciated