Here are a few suggestions. I know they are not original but I wanted to reinforce their need those who decide things like this.

1. Have the ability to sync units to play the same tracks or playlists. It would be nice to have a screen on the RR that showed a list of all available units, then select one of those units to sync to. As an alternative, use the music server computer (with the RR software) to designate RR units to sync together.
This solves the problem of overlapping, out of sync music from two seperate RR's that are in within earshot of each other.

2. Need to find a way to handle streaming audio which is becoming more available and higher quality every day.

3. Suggest having the control knob turn clockwise for up and counterclockwise for down for selecting music, tracks, playlists, etc. It seems to work in the right direction for volume and other audio type stuff but not for selecting from a list.

4. Suggest a video output of the screen data...maybe with some type of (generated) visualization of the audio. It seems to me that RR users probably are using A/V receivers for audio and they have spare video inputs too.

Thanks for listening