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#265252 - 15/09/2005 16:31 Hard Drives
new poster

Registered: 11/04/2004
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Loc: Chicago, IL
Does anyone know if its possible to use a regular hard drive in the unit? Ive found that the biggest laptop drives are only 120gb. Even I put two in there I wont have enough room for all my music. If it is possible are instructions available or is there someone to contact.

#265253 - 15/09/2005 16:38 Re: Hard Drives [Re: faceless041974]
carpal tunnel

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1. Do not cross post.

2. Read the FAQ entry on the topic.
Tony Fabris

#265254 - 15/09/2005 18:41 Re: Hard Drives [Re: tfabris]
carpal tunnel

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1. Don't cross respond.

2. Do lock and redirect.
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