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#334613 - 29/06/2010 18:08 XM radio interface
carpal tunnel

Registered: 27/06/1999
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Loc: Pittsburgh, PA
For anyone who cares about empeg/XM radio integration, I'm going to be giving it a shot. The XM Direct XMD-1000 receiver is essentially a vanilla serial interface with a "published" (reverse engineered) protocol, and since there ends up being a lot of overlap with work I did for emphatic, I shouldn't have too difficult a time getting something fairly usable working.

The hardest part will probably be getting my cross-compiling environment running again and making sense of my old code, but stay tuned here for updates.

Also, I know several people talked about getting this going before, so if any of you did get there, please let me know before I duplicate your effort.
- Tony C
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#334739 - 04/07/2010 22:55 Re: XM radio interface [Re: tonyc]
carpal tunnel

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Loc: Columbus, OH
I was going to tackle it, but then my circumstances changed with the move to Belize and I never got to it frown Very interested in how it turns out even though I no longer have an Empeg to test it out on.
~ John

#335107 - 18/07/2010 15:10 Re: XM radio interface [Re: JBjorgen]

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Loc: Champaign, IL
I'm interested to know too...
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#339659 - 21/11/2010 17:33 Re: XM radio interface [Re: benjammin]

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I've been tossing this idea around for some time now. Only problem is my huge lack of linux coding skills. I'm definitely a hardware guy.