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#373890 - 20/08/2022 02:40 Janet Jackson?!
old hand

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Anyone have Janet Jackson on their empeg?

"A certain 5400 RPM OEM hard drive, as shipped with laptop PCs in approximately 2005, allows physically proximate attackers to cause a denial of service (device malfunction and system crash) via a resonant-frequency attack with the audio signal from the Rhythm Nation music video."

That's a novel bug!

#373891 - 21/08/2022 04:43 Re: Janet Jackson?! [Re: jmwking]
carpal tunnel

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I've got that whole album, and the empeg has survived so far smile
~ John

#373892 - 22/08/2022 14:58 Re: Janet Jackson?! [Re: jmwking]
carpal tunnel

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This is definitely a beautiful attack. I'm sure if you wanted to do a bunch of legwork, you could find suitable frequencies to crash other hard drives.