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#374126 - 14/08/2023 22:39 No Hard Disk Found - Contact Support

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Earlier this year I found out that the NAS I had my 200 GB music collection on cannot be accessed because Netgear took the servers down and it uses flash for the GUI interface. (another problem I have to sort)

I just fired up my mk2a 60GB after maybe 10 years of sitting.
(where I have almost 60 GB of my collection also stored.

I loaded it up into mlord's home dock, got it all connected and I get a No hard disk found on the screen after my custom animation loads.

UGGH. I am not sure what to do.

I know I want to put 2 new drives in the mpeg, I guess that's the easy part... but I'm wondering if it will be feasable to get the music files off of the (likely, failed) drives in there now.

(probably easier to put the drives from the NAS into a tray and see if I can mount that somewhere)
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#374127 - 15/08/2023 11:10 Re: No Hard Disk Found - Contact Support [Re: dcosta]
carpal tunnel

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It might not be the drive, could be the cable. Iím sure Mark will be along it a bit to offer some debugging tips 😉
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#374128 - 15/08/2023 16:55 Re: No Hard Disk Found - Contact Support [Re: dcosta]
carpal tunnel

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#374129 - 16/08/2023 22:08 Re: No Hard Disk Found - Contact Support [Re: dcosta]
carpal tunnel

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Yeah, check out the connections before panicking too much. smile

Can you hear the drives spin up? Maybe try them one at a time, so you'll be able to tell if they work or not.

If they do spin up, then the files on them ARE recoverable with a USB-IDE adapter and a PC that can read from a Linux file-system. The empeg is one of those, so debug the cabling first!