I am looking for a volunteer to help me get some basic GPS functionality running on my Empeg/Rio Car. With so much interest evident on this forum in car navigation software, it seems to me that many of us would benefit from having a tool that would allow us to proceed with hardware integration. Getting a GPS working in the car is not terribly difficult but does require some effort to locate the antenna correctly, resolve power supply issues and find a placement of the equipment that works in each different vehicle.

Toward this end I have attached an MS Word document that describes a basic PVT (Position, Velocity and Time) interface that is compatible with most consumer GPS receivers. This would provide the display information needed for integration and equally importantly some instant gratification! Even with a complete fully integrated nav system this type of display would still provide an important diagnostic function.

I would like to do as much of this as I can but I am a Software wimp! I have an Empeg, a GPS receiver, a PC (W2000) and a Mac (OSX). I just don't have ther expertise to dig into the code yet or compile new code. I also do have quite a bit of experience with GPS and GPS systems integration.

If any of you would like to lend a hand or provide some tutoring please contact me.


64269-GPS PVT diagnostic screen layout.doc (168 downloads)