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Jump to new posts Re: 3D Printing by Dignan @ 23/10/2020 15:44

I decided against a resin printer because it seemed a little messy and smelly to me, unless I got a full enclosure I could vent somehow. It also seemed like more post-processing work with the curing. But you do get smoother, more professional-looking
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Jump to new posts Re: 3D Printing by Tim @ 23/10/2020 12:16

I've been tempted many times to get a 3D printer, but just couldn't decide on which on a feature set/manufacturer would be best for me. I would use it mainly to mess around with, but also because this Saturn V lamp looks amazing and I would love to
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Jump to new posts Re: 3D Printing by Taym @ 23/10/2020 07:44

I've been looking into it several times, but I never ended up buying one. I'd be absolutely just for fum, for me, but, I guess that is the best reason of all, right? Just yesterday, I was talking to a friend and discussing (mostly learning) the diff
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Jump to new posts 3D Printing by Dignan @ 22/10/2020 13:58

Hi everyone! Is anyone else here into 3D printing? I'm just curious. I only recently got into it when I realized the prices for printers was much lower than I thought. I picked up a very well-reviewed model for $270 and I've been printing pretty muc